Chairman brings down an entire audience with stellar perfomance

Musician Killer T has once again brought an entire audience to its feet during a performance. The artist who has released many hit songs such as ‘Itai Ndione” and “Bvunza Tinzwe”  is almost a favourite with many households and is making many rounds via global tours to Australia and U.K. Zim dancehall is on a steady rise and might even give Jah Prayzah a run for his money … don’t you agree 😉

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Ruvheneko.. Hips dont Lie

A bit of weekend fun from Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa having fun with her girlfriends on a casual day in. There is just something very appealing about grown boss women having responsible fun? Don’t you agree 😉

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Motherly Love: Pokello and Family

Pokello Nare doesn’t just serve us fashion goals , but family goals as well. Over the weekend the fashionista shared an adorable video of her chilling in bed on a Saturday night with her two sons Nathan and Tristan. The love and bond they share is truly pure and unbreakable.

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Stunner & Dionne spend the weekend together

Unpopular couple Stunner and his now official girlfriend Dionne Tafirenyika have spent the weekend cozing up to each other and having a livid time partying it up. In the video we get a glimpse of ‘Tete Kiri’ the aunt who approved of their ‘relationship’ while Stunner was still together with his ex wife Olinda Chapel and a steamy shower scence as well 😉

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Ms Olinda Chapel is looking for Love again?

With our Facebook bae Ms Olinda Chapel back online. She recently posted a question asking her followers if it was too early for her to start dating again, and in a response to a comment which stated that it wasn’t to early as long as it was for the right intentions to which she jokingly replied that she is ” looking for a painkiller.” A painkiller, also known as a rebound relationship ( a person you date to get over your ex ). From the weight-loss goals to now trying to get into another relationship, we honestly just wish the lady would take sometime to herself and her family until she finds figures out what it is that she really wants out of life and what she may wholeheartedly commit to.

But hey… who are we to judge? To each his own.



Caucasians join Apostolic Church amidst hard times

In a rare occasion, the apostolic church welcomed new members as part of its congregation who happed to be white people. Normally one would assume that it was a one time visit, but one of the new members Mr Parker is quoted as saying that ‘ if he received positive results and gets the help he is seeking… he would continue coming to the church.’ Tough times have really hit Zimbabwe hard, and we can now confirm that everyone is feeling the strain. May God be with us all. Ha Ha … Watch the video below . Share | Comment | Subscribe to the YouTube channel for more videos 🙂


Ms Chapel is Back with a Weightloss Transformation

It seems the hiatus Ms Olinda Chapel had taken from social media was a mini three day vacation. Upon a return she shared a picture with her many followers stating ” Lost in thought.. Weight is dropping off much quicker than I thought.. why is the stomach the hardest to get rid off.

Heartbreak has always been the biggest wake up call for women and we are glad that besides for the physical appeal she has decided to tend to her health as to avoid lifelong complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Way to to go Oli 🙂

Before when her douche Ex husband called her the “Fattest Girl in The Club,” -_-
                      After.. Progress in the making






Queen of Swagger Pokello with baby Tristan

Queen of Swagger Pokello Nare shared cute pictures of her picture perfect family along with her new addition to the family baby Tristan.. Honestly the pictures are too cute for words <3 Long hail the Queen

                       One big Happy Family