Cde Chinotimba charges $1 for a selfie

Cde Joseph Chinotimba sat down with Ruvheneko for an interview yesterday, however during one of the breaks, the interviewer Ruvheneko asked the Cde for a selfie to which he did not oblige stating that he now charges $1 per selfie seeing to it that he is the most liked parliamentarian in Zimbabwe. Watch the hilarious video below 🙂

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Chantel Mungofa gives Olinda Chapel a naughty tutorial on how to keep a Man ;)

Chantel Mungofa, who has sparked an online feud with Olinda Chideme over the nasty comments she made about her friend (Dionne Tafirenyika’s Mother) has taken another nasty dig at her by posting a steamy video on her facebook account supposedly giving Olinda a tutorial on how to keep a man in the sheets. Yikes!

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Ammara Brown Salon Diaries

Yesterday, the youthful and beautiful musician Ammara Brown was spotted getting a hair makeover. Moving on from the box braids she had to…. Watch the video to see the stunning results 😀

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Meet Dionne Tafirenyika’s Mother and her Opinion about her daughter being a home wrecker

For the past few months, we have all become deeply  indulged and rooted in the marital affairs of Desmond Chideme and Olinda Chapel. Within the entire fiasco we have heard many names being thrown around a few being Tete Kiri and Pokello Nare who both did not issue any public responses to the allegations that were lined up against them. However, in  recent turn of events, Dionne’s mother had finally reached a boiling point and decided to lash out towards Olinda. Read her responses below 🙂

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                                                 Mai Dionne

                                          Dionne’s Sister is up for grabs 😉






Tinopona Katsande furious with online Zimbabwean publications

Studio 263 actress Tinopona Katsande has made it her 2017 to go head to head with online zim newspapers who seek to tarnish her image with false information. The actress who took a steep fall from being a socialite to now a cosmetologist, had the following to say on her facebook profile.






Zimbabwe’s Baddest Females

We at would like to believe that Zimbabwe has the most beautiful women in Southern Africa and we have compiled a few of our popular favs to share with our readers. We hope you enjoy the eye candy 😉


Sarah Sinclair

Christabelle Kikky

Samantha Musa a.k.a Mis Red

Posh Doll Nyarai Nyareeds

Michelle Chiyangwa

Jacqueline Ngarande

Queen of Swagger Pokello Nare!!! We saved the best for last.
Effortlessly Stylish, Modern, Classy and Sleek.




Stunner sings an emotional song for girlfriend Dionne

Rapper Desmond Chideme is truly head over heels in love, so much so that he is not afraid to show it off and let the whole world know. Watch the dedication in the video below.

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Facebook Celeb Zuva Habane advocates for backdoor fun?

Facebook entertainer Zuva Habane has released one of her many interesting videos, except for this one which we found to be a bit “out of the box”.

In her recent video Mrs Habane talks about how intercou_rse is and should be a sacred act between two individuals who are married, and how there are no boundaries and limitations when it comes to se_xually pleasing your other half..

… which of course sounds like the ordinary advice we have heard from time to time. However she goes on to mention ana_l play as part of satisfying intercou_rse. Mixed reactions this side… Watch the video below and share your thoughts.

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Robert Jnr Mugabe Parties with American Rnb Singer Tinashe

Over the weekend the first born of the President had unprecedented fun while supporting the well known American RnB singer Tinashe at a club performance in Dubai. Robert Jnr and his crew were spotted having fun with a never ending flow of liquor. In a separate function he is captured with his sister Bona and brother in-law. Good to know where our tax is being spent… haha 🙂

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