Trevor Dongo throws shade at Roki

In a fan shot video, musician Trevor Dongo boasts about being the king of Zimbabwean RnB. Could this perhaps be an indirect shot at singer Roki who has been missing from the entertainment industry for awhile now seeing to it that he has relocated to South Africa?

We hope Trevor knows who not to mess with 😉

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Pokello Having a Sick Day

The troublesome days of being a parent to a new-born child. While baby Tristan was off to stay with his Grandma for week so mother Pokello could get him to stop breastfeeding, it was Pokello who in turn suffered from swelling of her boobies due to the excess milk she was carrying. However, her son Nathan was there to save the day 🙂

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Ninja Lipsy Transforms into a Mini Rihanna

Singer Ninja Lipsy has stunned us with her new image… Credits go to bleach and vault cosmetics? Not judging because they do suit her to taste. We thought Killer T had the transformation of the year but yoh! It seems Ninja Lipsy has stolen the trophy.




Eriza Pregnant?

The dancer who rose to fame in Jah Prayzah’s music video was spotted with a belly bump during an interview with Andy Muridzo. We can’t confirm if its really a pregnant belly or some tummy fat. What do you guys think?



It’s Officially Over: Stunolinda is no more…Both have moved on with New people :(

We are truly sad to see these two go their separate ways… for good this time with no chances of reconciliation. For the women who mourned with Olinda and felt the pain of her marriage falling apart, there was a glimmer of hope that maybe Stunner would realize what he had in front of him and change his womanizing ways for good and or the ‘masharks’ , all they wanted was to see the hit maker finally settle down with one woman after a series of failed relationships.

What Happened?

It all started on Instagram you guys. Yesterday Olinda was on I.G live while in Indianapolis with a new ‘Bae’ from Ivory Coast and his son, as happy as people were happy for her … no one was prepared for the drama that followed. Her live session ended on a positive note with her jamming to Zim Dancehall tunes and Jah Prayzah songs with a positive interaction with her fans. Until of course, Stunner came on Instagram Live as well, to get feedback from his new song which he will be releasing shortly. Zimbos being Zimbos were not interested and started bashing the musician about how badly thing ended with Olinda and further went on to ask for clarification about Dionne being his current flame or not.

To which Stunner hastily replied “ Yes, Dionne is my girlfriend and we are happy together . ”

After receiving a backlash of negativity on the matter he further went on to clarify his housing situation in Greendale. Stunner did not move out of the house he was staying with while married to Olinda and has had the lease renewed in his name.  He did not stop there…. he went on to scold Olinda for bowing down to the peer pressure of her friends and demanded she come and collect ‘mathings’ ake.

Olinda hearing of this commented on his live session, and asked if Stunner ever loved her….. Stunner being Stunner did not respond.

So there you have it folks… R.I.P Stunolinda….. We were rooting for you guys 🙁     Scroll down for Olinda’s New Bae





Olinda shows Dionne who is boss

In another saga of Ms Olinda Chapel versus Desmond Chideme, it seems as if the tables have turned and it is now Dionne who is being made a fool of.

This afternoon Dionne Tafirenyika posted a picture stating rapper Stunner as her ” Man Crush Monday ” to which Ms Chapel countered her hours later with the same caption but a video if the two lovebirds together.

It is not clear whether it is a recent video as Olinda is currently on vacay in Ohio, USA … allegedly where Stunner was supposed to be attending a show which has been cancelled. We will keep you updated as the story unfolds….

Remember, you got the juice here first 😉

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attention seeking Dionne
hehe… Oli put Dionne in her place







Zimbabwean Transgender Tatenda Karigambe’s Belly dancing video goes Viral

As she is known by her circle and fans, Tatelicious recorded a video showing her seductive dance moves, preaching that women are allowed and should feel sexy at any size.  The video has since then received thousands of comments on the popular facebook page Gossip Mill Nigeria and a lot of positive feedback from Zimbabwean women. Way to go Tate! 😉



Pastor Evan Mawarire fulfills his Promise

Zimbabwe’s voice for a corruption free government Pastor Evan Mawarire has moved many to tears with his latest charity donation. On his 40th birthday, the pastor opted for donations on to create 40 care packs for new born babies, and the donations came in multitudes from all over the world. Pastor Evan Mawarire took to Facebook to share with his followers what had become of the donations and the progress that followed.

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Facebook Celeb Zuva Habane advices on Marital S_ex Life

Zuva Habane is back again with another video on how to spice up marital s_ex life.  However in this recent video the tips given are not as bizarre as her last video. Have a listen below 🙂

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