UZ beauty queen bleaching scandal

Tinotenda as she is known by her peers has been quite popular amongst the University of Zimbabwe campus for her dashing looks and her upto date trendy wardrobe. Unfortunately, all changed when an old picture of her was leaked which revealed that Teeno had undergone a vigorous transformation of lightening her skin also known as bleaching via oral medications and injections. View the pics below… 

Model Kikky Bada*s goes avant garde

Model and upcoming singer Kikky Badass was spotted attending a club event dressed by Posh Zim but the daring beauty decided to take it up a notch by not wearing a bra inside … And chose to expose her tatas.

What are your thoughts guys… Fashion forward or tacky? 

Chantel Mungofa scolds Stunner

Chantel aka Chanaynay has emerged with another video and surprisingly she wasn’t bashing Olinda, but this time she urged Desmond Chideme to be decisive and choose one woman. 

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Exclusive Preview of Jah Prayzah’s new music vid Chekecheke

Military Touch Movement is set to release their first music video which may turn out to be a club banger. The audio has received positive reviews YouTube but we are yet to see if the music video will make rounds within the country and on a global scale as well. We aren’t fans of the overused ‘pool party themed’ music videos but the celebrity star cameos might just be the redemption we may stick around for. Have a look 🙂 

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Stunolinda Back Together for good… Dionne dumped in the cold

Social media’s most popular couple Desmond Chideme and Olinda Chapel have decided to put their differences aside and work on their marriage. Moving on from his side piece, Dionne Tafirenyika it appears the rapper Stunner always had his wife at heart. We may argue the same for Olinda as the woman never parted with her matrimonial ring. As much as we wish these two the best we surely hope the reunion is for the long run and for all the right reasons . Big Up to the Two 💜


Dionne deleted the picture of Stunner as her ‘Man Crush Monday’ from her Instagram account

The Couple spotted shopping together

Zim Aviation Law Discriminatory against HIV+ Pilots

The Zimcelebs Team stumbled across a post on Facebook by a popular pilot in Harare stating that one would have to be HIV negative by Zimbabwe Aviation Laws to qualify as a pilot… So much so that they take the extra step as to providing their candidates with a home kit before going for the official testing. Check out the post below.

What are your thoughts guys? 

Sulumani Chimbetu cries foul in Court, claims to earn $280 per month

Musician Sulumani Chimbetu has been dragged to court by his former wife Marygold Mutemasango over $1 600 maintenance arrears.

Chimbetu (35) appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Joy Chikodzore on Monday and pleaded not guilty and was remanded to Thursday for trial on his own recognisance.

into Mutemasango’s bank account.

It is alleged that Chimbetu only paid $800 for December, 2016 and defaulted in January and February this year. He accrued $1 600 in arrears.

Chimbetu recently approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a downward variation of the order.

However, his request was thrown out by magistrate Mrs Barbara Mateko after ruling anyone can estimate his income because of his lifestyle.

Chimbetu had submitted that he earns $280 and is dependent on his new wife Linda Samuriwo.

(Source Herald )


 “Manyuchi was reckless ” his manager complains

Boxer Charles Manyuchi has been accused of being an embarrassing and careless in his first round defeat to rising star Qudratillo Abduqaxorov in Singapore.

Manyuchi  lost his WBC welterweight silver title.

His  manager Chris Malunga told the Singaporean media that the 27-year old was “careless” in his approach.

The Uzbek boxer capitalised on Manyuchi’s clowning early in the match and sent him to the canvas twice to bag the match in just two minutes and 56 seconds.

“The technical approach was a bit bad on our side.

“Charles was careless. That (the showboating) is his style of fighting, but I felt it was a bit early for him to do that”.

Manyuchi, whose record has now been dented to 20-3-1, will now need to go back and prepare for a possible rematch with the 23-year-old.

Former Zimbabwe National Boxing Control Board member, Patrick Mkondiwa said Manyuchi was responsible for his defeat.

( Source : Herald )