Facebook Celeb Zuva Habane advocates for backdoor fun?

Facebook entertainer Zuva Habane has released one of her many interesting videos, except for this one which we found to be a bit “out of the box”.

In her recent video Mrs Habane talks about how intercou_rse is and should be a sacred act between two individuals who are married, and how there are no boundaries and limitations when it comes to se_xually pleasing your other half..

… which of course sounds like the ordinary advice we have heard from time to time. However she goes on to mention ana_l play as part of satisfying intercou_rse. Mixed reactions this side… Watch the video below and share your thoughts.

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Caucasians join Apostolic Church amidst hard times

In a rare occasion, the apostolic church welcomed new members as part of its congregation who happed to be white people. Normally one would assume that it was a one time visit, but one of the new members Mr Parker is quoted as saying that ‘ if he received positive results and gets the help he is seeking… he would continue coming to the church.’ Tough times have really hit Zimbabwe hard, and we can now confirm that everyone is feeling the strain. May God be with us all. Ha Ha … Watch the video below . Share | Comment | Subscribe to the YouTube channel for more videos 🙂