Sulumani Chimbetu cries foul in Court, claims to earn $280 per month

Musician Sulumani Chimbetu has been dragged to court by his former wife Marygold Mutemasango over $1 600 maintenance arrears.

Chimbetu (35) appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Joy Chikodzore on Monday and pleaded not guilty and was remanded to Thursday for trial on his own recognisance.

into Mutemasango’s bank account.

It is alleged that Chimbetu only paid $800 for December, 2016 and defaulted in January and February this year. He accrued $1 600 in arrears.

Chimbetu recently approached the Harare Civil Court seeking a downward variation of the order.

However, his request was thrown out by magistrate Mrs Barbara Mateko after ruling anyone can estimate his income because of his lifestyle.

Chimbetu had submitted that he earns $280 and is dependent on his new wife Linda Samuriwo.

(Source Herald )


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