Stunner in near fist fight over wife

Rapper Stunner flew into a rage after he suspected that a drunk Charles Mungoshi Jr had touched his wife, Olinda at the Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards.

The confrontation started when Stunner`s manager Brandon Vokal Bakasa ordered Mungoshi to keep a distance from Olinda, a request which Mungoshi refused to honour. Stunner started pushing Mungoshi saying the young author had touched his wife indecently.

An infuriated Stunner went on to hurl obscenities at Mungoshi, threatening to beat him up for not respecting his spouse. The heated verbal confrontation had to be stopped by part of Stunner`s entourage who created a barrier between the two who seemed eager to exchange blows.

“Why did you touch my wife? You do not know how much I paid for her bride price. You have no right to be touching my wife. I bet you do not even have half of the money I paid for her and you want to touch my wife,” Stunner shouted as members of his struggled to restrain him. Bystanders in the VIP section had to intervene to keep Mungoshi and Stunner away from each other since the two looked eager to trade blows.

With tempers flaring, Stunner`s wife calmed the situation by asking her husband to overlook the misunderstanding, dragging outside the venue.

“The guy, I don’t know who he is but he touched my wife and that is being disrespectful. People who disrespect other people`s wives need to be dealt with,” Stunner said.

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